• Because of the pandemic, wealthy Americans are holding on tight to their cash and instead opting for luxury barters.
  • One NYC lawyer waived his $20,000 fee in exchange for a two-week visit to his client’s Montauk estate so he and his family could escape the city.
  • In order to escape lockdown in NYC, one artist traded his $30,000 painting for a Labor Day weekend stay at a collector’s Adirondack home.
  • This summer, a top Fifth Avenue dermatologist was given $5,000 worth of caviar to make a Sunday Hamptons house call. 
  • The owner of celeb-favorite catering company, Elegant Affairs, waived her $20,000 party fee for six chartered rides on a client’s yacht so she and her family could get out on the water during Covid.
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When Covid-19 struck New York, some fled, others stocked up and one 40 year-old Hamptonite called his lawyer.


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