Cultivation of cashew, a tree crop that once dominated the Western Ghats regions of Goa, Coastal Karnataka and Kerala, has found its way into the non-traditional areas in plains across the country.

Following the government’s thrust to expand cashew cultivation in the country, farmers have been taking up cultivation of the nuts across several States.

Gurunath Odugoudar, a farmer from the Gadag district in North Karnataka, said that a major expansion programme began about three years ago in his region.


Convenient crop

Some farmers who had taken up cashew cultivation in a non-traditional area like Gadag five years ago, are very happy with the returns when compared to other plantation crops such as mango and field crops like groundnut.

Odugoudar said cashew cultivation is preferred because it incurs fewer maintenance costs, is easy to harvest, is non-perishable in nature and easy to market.

Agreeing with this, Santosh Saranadagoudar, a cashew

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