• An asteroid the size of a car flew within about 1,830 miles of Earth this weekend — closer than any known space rock has ever come without crashing into the planet.
  • A NASA-funded program detected the asteroid, called 2020 QG, six hours after its close approach.
  • If the asteroid had hit Earth, it probably would have exploded in the atmosphere in an airburst too high up to do any damage on the ground.
  • But the near miss highlights a major blind spot in Earth’s programs to search for dangerous asteroids.
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A car-sized asteroid flew within about 1,830 miles (2,950 kilometers) of Earth on Sunday.

That’s a remarkably close shave — the closest ever recorded, in fact, according to asteroid trackers and a catalog compiled by Sormano Astronomical Observatory in Italy. 

Because of its size, the space rock likely wouldn’t have posed any danger

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