Jeff Williams has been the CEO of America’s Car-Mart, Inc. (NASDAQ:CRMT) since 2018, and this article will examine the executive’s compensation with respect to the overall performance of the company. This analysis will also evaluate the appropriateness of CEO compensation when taking into account the earnings and shareholder returns of the company.

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How Does Total Compensation For Jeff Williams Compare With Other Companies In The Industry?

At the time of writing, our data shows that America’s Car-Mart, Inc. has a market capitalization of US$595m, and reported total annual CEO compensation of US$4.9m for the year to April 2020. That’s a notable increase of 59% on last year. We think total compensation is more important but our data shows that the CEO salary is lower, at US$573k.

In comparison with other companies in the industry with market capitalizations ranging from US$200m to US$800m, the

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