• In a July episode of his show, Tucker Carlson named and threatened a New York Times photographer who had been assigned to a story about him.
  • Carlson said Tristan Spinski was part of a plot to hurt him and his family, and said it would be easy for him to make Spinski’s address public.
  • Carlson did not circulate Spinski’s address. Nonetheless, the same night people turned up at Spinski’s home, according to a 911 call log published by The Washington Post.
  • According to the log, Spinski’s brother-in-law phoned police and said “someone is outside our house trying to break in” and that they had been threatened.
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A photographer working on a New York Times story about Fox News host Tucker Carlson hid in an upstairs room of his home and could hear people downstairs after Carlson named him on air, according to a

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