Prop. 15, reparations are bad ideas

California is facing a financial crisis with two idiotic proposals. First is Prop. 15. Small business owners already have difficulty paying workers. Workers who are struggling to put food on their family’s table and struggling to pay their bills.

Prop. 15 is a deceptively worded bad idea trying to gut Prop. 13’s limitation of confiscatory property taxes and will force businesses to pay additional taxes or close for good.

Money from Prop. 15 is touted as going to help schools. It will not. That is the same carrot dangled before voters with lottery money. Remember? Sure, the money went to the schools but the state in turn diverted equal funds away from the schools to use on pet projects. Don’t be fooled.

This is an attempt to chisel away at Prop. 13 and if passed the next chisel will be at homeowners. I am

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