* Captain Ri (played by actor Hyu Bin) in the show Crash Landing on You makes ramen noodles from scratch

* Kimchi making, as shown in the Korean drama, is an important community activity in North Korean villages

* Bean sprouts soup and dried pollack soup are shown as hangover cures

Imagine this: You are in enemy territory (given the current state of foreign affairs, you have plenty of options to choose from). You are hiding in the village home of a kind-hearted army captain who, for some inexplicable reason, doesn’t want to hand you over to the State Security Department. And, while you complain about the lack of hot running water and scented candles in the rural abode, your host makes you a bowl of ramen noodles from scratch. He garnishes the soupy broth with a fluffy omelette cut into rolls, radish and chillies, and serves it with a

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