FAIRFIELD, CT — Last year, Allyson Mandelbaum went shopping for a hat.

The busy Fairfield mom envied her husband’s ability to simply throw on a ball cap and look put together. She searched for a baseball-style hat that she liked, but found most were too big or featured team names or other logos.

“I felt like they were all made to fit men,” she said.

Mandelbaum decided that if she couldn’t find a ball cap she wanted to wear, she would make one. With that, her business, Shady Lady, was born.

After months designing hats and testing samples, Mandelbaum launched Shady Lady’s website in June.

“I wanted them to be fun and bright colors, and kind of a little in your face,” said Mandelbaum, who described her hats as a fashion-forward option for women who want a cute, casual cap.

Her most popular offering is called the Peaceful Lady, a

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“There is only one side to the stock market; and it is not the bull side or the bear side, but the right side.”Jesse Livermore

Anyone who follows the equity market realizes that they are faced with what I described last week as a foggy outlook in the near term. When that occurs, I try not to get swayed and then sidetracked into forgetting the long-term trends that are in place.

An investor has to be reactionary waiting for the market to give them clues, then reacting appropriately. I take my leads from price action, momentum, sentiment, and other indicators. All designed for me to decipher what the market is telling me. Never drifting too far from the one key that serves as the foundation of my current strategy. That is staying focused on the major trend that is in place, and that remains without question in favor

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With a strong pedigree in valuation, Towle says her investment style is probably best described as “growth at a reasonable price”, or stocks such as Bigtincan and Temple & Webster.

Bigtincan, for example, is a Salesforce-type software as a service business that she invested in back in 2017 and has been a four-bagger for the fund.

“It enables the salesperson to be more educated about a broad range of products, and sell more effectively. These guys are growing at 40 per cent per annum organically, plus they’ve made some acquisitions and they’ve got an absolutely fantastic customer base,” Towle explains.

Bigtincan in August reported revenue growth of 56 per cent including organic top-line growth of 38 per cent.

But that’s not the case for every new generation ASX challenger to hit the boards, and more so for early-stage businesses in the micro cap space that don’t come with a track

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(Bloomberg) — China’s financial regulators plan to cap the interest rates Ant Group can charge borrowers on quick consumer loans, a move that could curb the financial technology giant’s biggest revenue driver as it prepares for a mega initial public offering.

Loans made by Ant Group and other consumer lenders will be subject to a ceiling imposed by a China Supreme Court ruling last month, said people familiar with the plans, who asked not to be named as the information is private. Linked to a benchmark rate, the cap is currently 15.4%. The court said the rule doesn’t apply to licensed financial institutions, but it so far hasn’t specified whether it would impact fintech firms such as Ant.

While the rule isn’t targeting Ant specifically, the company is now the largest in online consumer lending, often helping smaller banks in competition with China’s largest lenders. Ant, the cornerstone of the

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