As an organization that specializes in helping businesses transform, the coming decade should hold no shortage of opportunities for French management consulting giant Capgemini.

After all, the world’s leading climate scientists made clear in the IPCC’s landmark 2018 report that the next 10 years will be critical in deciding whether the planet stands a chance of limiting average global warming to a manageable — if far from ideal — level by the end of the 21st century, placing huge impetus on governments and businesses to massively up their ambition in driving towards net zero as quickly as possible.

That is precisely where Capgemini’s expertise comes in, explains James Robey, the firm’s head of corporate sustainability.

“Sustainability is a business change problem,” he tells BusinessGreen. “Arguably it’s the biggest business change problem we’ve ever seen. Over the next decade virtually every business on the planet is going to have to radically

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