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Nema Causey

It took a pandemic for Nema Causey, the head of a candy retailer, to discover that she was sitting on a viral internet goldmine.

Even before the World Health Organization officially declared the COVID-19 crisis a pandemic in early March, Causey noticed that orders were starting to dry up at Candy Me Up, her San Diego-based business that specializes in selling sweets to retail clients for use in events like candy buffets.

“I was tripping out because I never fail in business,” said Causey, 33, who “hustled” candy to classmates back in middle school and then started a candy-catering company at age 18 that served as the eventual inspiration for her current business. “I was 99% sure we were going to shut down,” she told MarketWatch, as her storefront began taking a big hit in February.

Candy runs in Causey’s veins as

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