How many ways can we sell a biscuit?

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit founder Carrie Morey posed the question to her employees on a Zoom call early on in the pandemic. At the time, it wasn’t clear if tourists would be coming back in a few weeks, a few months or at all. 

Morey’s Charleston-based group of four bakeries across the Southeast serve little biscuits in little shops to typically not-so-little lines of hungry tourists, all eager to snap photos of picture-perfect biscuits. 

But when tourism largely disappeared during the coronavirus pandemic, so did those lines and, with it, a large portion of her business’s revenue. Now, Morey said, it’s clear they “missed the tourist boat” this year, and focus has shifted to survival during the months ahead.

SC tourism has amassed $4B in losses since coronavirus pandemic began

When Morey founded her biscuit business 15 years ago, it was an online-only operation. But that wasn’t through any prescience about

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