• A regular Fox News guest, Harlan Hill, was dropped by the channel after insulting Kamala Harris, according to The Daily Beast. 
  • Hill is a political consultant who claims affiliation with the 2020 Trump campaign and has appeared on Fox News numerous times in recent years.
  • During Harris’ debate with Vice President Mike Pence, he called her an ‘insufferable lying b—-‘ in a widely shared tweet.
  • Following the tweet, Fox News told The Daily Beast that it had “no intention” of booking him again. A Fox News Media representative told Business Insider that Hill was never paid to appear.
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Fox News has said it has “no intention of booking” a regular guest after he tweeted a misogynistic attack on Kamala Harris during the vice-presidential debate, The Daily Beast reported.

During Harris’ debate with Vice President Mike Pence, Hill wrote: “Kamala Harris comes off as

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Pascale Ferrier Donald Trump

Pascale Ferrier has been charged with threatening U.S. President Donald Trump. Photos via Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office and Chris Carlson/Associated Press

The Quebec woman accused of sending a ricin-laced letter to U.S. President Donald Trump allegedly described him as an “Ugly Tyrant Clown” and told him that if the poison didn’t work, she would find “a better recipe” or use her gun, according to media reports.

Laval resident Pascale Cecile Veronique Ferrier, 53, has been charged with threatening Trump after allegedly sending the letter containing ricin to the president and six other Texas-based addresses. The letter destined for Trump was intercepted at a screening facility on Friday.

Ferrier pleaded not guilty in a Buffalo, New York, court on Tuesday.

According to CTV News, the U.S. Attorney’s Office argued Ferrier should remain detained in the U.S. because she was a flight risk.

According to Reuters, the letter addressed to Trump said,

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  • Rep. Rashida Tlaib said in a tweet Friday that Amazon called the police on her and Rep. Debbie Dingell after they showed up at a Michigan warehouse to check on workers’ safety.
  • The Democratic lawmakers, both from Michigan, had come at the request of workers and the company itself, and were waiting for more than an hour, Tlaib said. 
  • Tlaib said they were eventually let in and both said they would share more soon.
  • Tlaib and Dingell have previously raised concerns about worker safety and called for a federal investigation into Amazon’s warehouse safety practices.
  • “There was an unfortunate misunderstanding when one of our night shift security guards was not expecting external visitors to be filming onsite and was not aware of the identity of those filming at the entryway of the facility — the situation was resolved and we toured the Congresswomen through the site,” a spokesperson for Amazon
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The first “America’s Got Talent” semifinals round is here.

‘AGT’: Heidi Klum ‘uncomfortable’ after comedian calls her a ‘tramp’ in controversial act



The first group of 11 acts hit the stage Tuesday – all vying for the chance to be crowned the best of the best. As if the competition were not already stacked with two Golden Buzzer winners, the judges brought back two wild cards who were given another opportunity to battle for the title. 

Singer Thomas Day did not waste his second chance. After advancing through Judge Cuts, Day said he dropped out of the quarterfinals after contracting COVID-19. The high school football star, 17, was able to safely return to the competition after quarantining and testing negative, according to “AGT.”

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Some fans, however, questioned Day’s reason for

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  • The Atlantic reported on Thursday that President Donald Trump made derogatory remarks about fallen members of the military, going so far as to call them “suckers” and “losers.”
  • Fox News on Friday said the report was fabricated and criticized The Atlantic’s use of anonymous sources.
  • However, one of its own — national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin — said parts of the damning report, which cited two ex-Trump administration officials, were verified to her.  
  • “According to one former senior Trump administration official: ‘When the President spoke about the Vietnam War, he said, ‘It was a stupid war. Anyone who went was a sucker,'” Griffin tweeted.
  • Griffin also reported learning that Trump “just hated” Sen. John McCain and thought it was “not a good look” to include the “wounded guys” in a July 4 military parade.
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Fox News spent a chunk of its Friday coverage

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  • President Donald Trump referred to Sen. John McCain and President George H.W. Bush as “losers” because they were shot down in battle, multiple unnamed sources told The Atlantic in a report published Thursday.
  • Before their lengthy political careers, both McCain and Bush served in the US Navy as fighter pilots.
  • After publicly sparring with McCain until the longtime lawmaker’s death in 2018, Trump was said to be angry that McCain was given half-staff honors.
  • Sources told The Atlantic that Trump also said to his staff, “We’re not going to support that loser’s funeral.”
  • The White House communications director, Alyssa Farah, described The Atlantic’s report — which included other inflammatory remarks Trump was said to have made about US troops — as “offensive and patently false.”
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President Donald Trump is said to have referred to the 41st US president and the 2008 Republican presidential

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  • President Donald Trump described American Marines who lost their lives during a crucial World War I battle as “suckers” and “losers,” The Atlantic reported.
  • “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers,” Trump reportedly told senior staff members before a scheduled visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France to commemorate the centennial of the end of World War I.
  • In another conversation, the president called US Marines who were killed in the Battle of Belleau Wood “suckers” because they died, the report said.
  • He also didn’t understand the significance of the battle and asked his advisers, “Who were the good guys in this war?” according to The Atlantic.
  • A White House official condemned The Atlantic’s report and said these “accusations” were “false.”
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President Donald Trump described American Marines who lost their lives during a crucial World War I battle

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Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. (ZEE) on Tuesday announced the launch of ‘Zee Plex’ – a ‘Cinema2Home’ (C2H) service on television and digital platforms.

With this new offering, consumers will now be able to watch new movie releases at their homes, at an “attractive (per film) price point”, the company said in a statement. This will be available in India from October 2 as a pay per view service to subscribers of leading distribution platforms like Dish D2h, Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV, it said.

Along with convenience for consumers, this new movie distribution model will enhance the overall commercial ecosystem for the film producers, enabling them to present their creative work, to a wider range of audiences on established entertainment platforms, the company claimed.

“We are very excited to bring this new offering to all the movie buffs across India and around the globe. While we all love to

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A divergence between the S&P 500 and VIX indexes raises a ‘red flag’ for the stock market rally, former hedge-fund investor Jesse Felder warned.

Getty Images

After a waiting game early on Thursday, U.S. stocks moved higher at the open after the Federal Reserve outlined a new monetary policy approach.

The central bank adopted an average inflation target of 2% to its written policy strategy, which is widely seen as leading an easier monetary policy stance over time. Chairman Jerome Powell announced the Fed now expects to allow inflation to run above 2% in expansions to make up for shortfalls during contractions. It would allow the Fed to keep policy loose even if inflation jumps above 2% in the months ahead.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average

jumped 0.9%, or 251 points, in early trading, while the S&P 500

climbed 0.5% and the Nasdaq Composite

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I once heard someone say you’ve beaten the odds if your small business is still open after five years, profitably or not. If so, then my wife Grace and I did something right.

We opened a hair salon in 2002 just outside Austin, Texas. We’re still in business now, though a lot has changed recently.

We were a good team to start this business. She’d been doing top-level hair design for 20+ years. I had a few financial and marketing skills. We named it “Transformation” because change was our specialty. COVID-19 was a change we didn’t expect.

Small Business in a Pandemic

Because I watch the economic news and saw what happened in China and then Italy, we acted early in February to enhance our already-high salon hygiene standards. We made some physical changes to simplify cleaning and looked (unsuccessfully) for medical-grade protective gear. On

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