Caleb Somtochukwu Obiagwu started or co-founded four businesses as an undergrad at Syracuse University: Syre, Attendpro, HighStreet, and SafeLoot.

Obiagwu graduated from SU in May with a degree in computer engineering. He stayed in Syracuse to work on the four businesses until the end of July. Then he flew to Lagos, Nigeria, for a one-year appointment with KPMG, the multinational consulting company. “I wanted to get more experience in consulting,” Obiagwu said. “I realized that consulting and learning how big companies operate is a great learning strategy.”

He expects to return to New York next year to earn a master’s degree in business administration.

His advice for anyone aspiring to lead their own startup: First, anything can be started if you just begin – so get going. Second, share your ideas because that will make them better.

Near the end of our conversation, I asked Obiagwu if there is anything

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