Frederick Supply And Cal Gas Warehouse, Two Small Businesses Teaming Up To Help Each Other During These Uncertain Times

Frederick Supply Calibration Services, a division of Frederick (Safety) Supply calibrates certain portable 4-gas monitors (gas detection units). They are giving away an RKI GX-2012 ($995 value) in September and all one needs to do to enter, is calibrate an existing monitor, a service that has to be done regularly, regardless of who owns one.

Two small businesses are teaming up to help each other during these uncertain times. “These are unprecedented times and we have to get creative to keep all of our people working” Ian Gilbert, Managing Partner of Frederick Supply (Calibration Services) replied. Many of the customers they count on or call on, are sidelined or working remotely due to the pandemic.

Following weeks of unreturned calls and slower traffic, Gilbert sat down with the Managing Partner of Cal Gas Warehouse, Craig Hill. The two businesses are suite-mates and don’t necessarily compete but a large portion of

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