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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – We’re still adjusting to a new normal. Businesses are even coming up with new ways to keep employees and guests safe.

Audio Authority has been in Lexington for more than 40 years. When COVID-19 hit, some of their products took a hit. Like a lot of businesses, they had to make a transition.

“You walk into a big box retailer where they’ve got all the home theatre and electronics going, our stuff’s in the background making all that happen,” said Jonathan Sisk, founder of Audio Authority.

Sisk, Audio Authority’s CEO, knew because of COVID, his clients would no longer be asking for buttons and touchboards.

“We felt like we had to just stop everything and come up with a way for consumers to still shop, but to do it safely without touching anything, and to feel comfortable going into a store and experiencing a product.”


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