While the LGBTQ community remained divided about its support for the former mayor of South Bend, Ind. (too conservative, not gay enough), Chasten’s a different story. His tweets revealed the 31-year-old teacher to be both funny and irreverent. His book reveals an emotional honesty about his life story, which includes sexual assault, homelessness, estrangement from his family of origin and bullying. His candor is refreshing, and it extends the success he had in humanizing his husband on the campaign trail.

The stakes remain high for the Buttigiegs, who clearly have their eyes on future campaigns, and for Chasten, whose book is meant to set the stage for next time. Again and again he reminds readers of his mantra: “You are an ambassador of your husband’s campaign. Everything you do reflects on him.” Unfortunately that mantra also works in reverse, and the blind spot the memoir has for Mayor Pete’s lack

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