Within a year of the Business Roundtable release of the Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation signed by 181 CEOs who committed to lead their companies for the benefit of all stakeholders, the public health and economic crises have been testing these commitments. To mark the 50th anniversary of Milton Friedman’s famous statement that the one and only social responsibility of business is to increase profits, sustainability consultant KKS Advisors released a new study, The Test of Corporate Purpose, which was financed by the Ford Foundation, to gauge companies’ response to the coronavirus pandemic and to the movement against racial injustice. Test of Corporate Purpose’s finding that companies that consistently effectively manage issues relevant to Covid-19 or inequality have continued to outperform during the crisis makes

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As the climate crisis intensifies, U.S. environmental policy has moved dangerously backward, with nearly 70 environmental rules reversed during this administration, and 30 more reversals in process. This intransigent, head-in-the-sand approach will not alter the reality of climate change, nor the risks and opportunities it presents the economy. The private sector understands this.

Many large businesses and their investors, recognizing the urgency of the threat, are already attempting to protect their assets and investments from climate risks. As some continue to publicly question the science, they are shifting their capital to prepare for a future low-carbon economy. They know that a significant percentage of the U.S. equity market, as much as 93 percent by one estimate, is already exposed to harms from climate change, with this year’s intensified fire and hurricane seasons offering a devastating preview of more to come.

Both investors and the broader public need clear information about

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Google has officially announced a new “Verified Calls” feature for its phone app, which is designed to give more information when a business is calling you. Compatible calls will show a company’s name, branding, a small badge to show that it’s verified, and a reason for its call.

a screenshot of a cell phone: The verified calls feature allows businesses like banks to display the reason for their call when they contact you.

© Image: Google
The verified calls feature allows businesses like banks to display the reason for their call when they contact you.

The feature is coming to the Google Phone app, which typically comes preloaded on Pixel and Android One phones. However, Google says it will now be available to download on a “limited” set of additional phones running Android Pie and higher, including flagship handsets from Samsung and LG. Compatible phones will be able to grab the app from the Google Play Store and then set it as their default phone calling app.

Depending on how businesses use it, the verified

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