The undersigned members of the Board of Trustees for the Village of Burr Ridge condemn the continued misstatements and falsehoods being made by Zach Mottl. We have voted to demand his resignation for repeated disruptive and demeaning behavior toward the Board, our police officers and staff. We now underscore that demand for Mottl’s immediate resignation for his admitted participation in “donations” to a now convicted Cook County Commissioner to obtain a large property tax reduction for his family’s business in Lyons as detailed below.

The Board of Trustees have been working steadily during the pandemic to figure out ways to support village businesses struggling under the enormous weight of the Covid-pandemic, while accomplishing our number one priority: keeping our Village residents safe. Rather than attend meetings and offer to productively work with the rest of the Board (without name-calling the Board, the Mayor, Staff, residents, or business owners), Mr. Mottl

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