• Burger King tweeted a video of its mascot opening a paper food bag – and the contents played what could be the new PlayStation 5 start-up noise.
  • The bag shone a blue light into the Burger King’s face that looked similar to the blue glow PlayStation consoles emit.
  • The video teased more details on October 15.
  • Twitter users joked that the chain could be launching its own video games. It could also be a teaser for an upcoming competition, some said.
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Burger King teased a mysterious tie-up with PlayStation in a cryptic tweet, ahead of an apparent official announcement on Thursday, October 15.

Burger King tweeted a video of its mascot opening one of the fast food chain’s paper bags. The contents of the bag shone a blue light into the King’s face, not unlike the glow PlayStation consoles emit.

The bag also

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When launching its new app in the U.S. in 2018, Burger King and FCB New York created Whopper Detour, which drove people from its main competitor McDonald’s to get a one-cent burger. It was one in a long line of stunts from the brand that come from various agencies.

In the United Arab Emirates, Wunderman Thompson Dubai is one of the brand’s agencies and looked to make a splash of its own for Burger King’s app launch in the country. Taking a page from a challenging part of the economic zeitgeist, salary cuts due to the pandemic, the agency developed a utility that allows users to create their own discount.

Pay Cut Whopper takes the percentage (up to 30%) of salary lost—on the honor system—and creates a bespoke discount for the duration of the loss, up to three months. For example, if someone lost 20% of their salary for two

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  • Burger King is giving 250 customers in Belgium facemasks with their orders custom-printed on them, the chain announced on August 10.
  • Customers can post their orders in the comments on Burger King Belgium’s Facebook or Instagram for a chance to be shipped a custom facemask with their order printed on it.
  • If they’re selected, customers can order food wordlessly by wearing their mask to a participating Burger King restaurant.
  • Burger King has a history of provocative ad campaigns, including 2019’s global “Moldy Whopper” campaign and the “Silent Drive-Thru” promotion in Finland.
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Masks: what are they good for? For some Belgians and Luxembourgers, ordering at Burger King.

Burger King is selecting 250 customers in Belgium and Luxembourg to give out custom facemasks with their orders printed on them as part of a campaign by Parisian ad agency Buzzman, according to a press release from

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