Will Realty Income (O) become the next AT&T (T)?

The world’s most boring battleground stock.

Given the attention Seeking Alpha contributors and subscribers pay attention to the stock, it’s almost there.

As I write this, Seeking Alpha has published 11 articles with T as the focus ticker for August. O comes in at seven. I’m sure between the time I’m crafting narrative gold and publication, there will be at least several more. And I’m all for it.

It’s high time more relatively boring stocks see the spotlight. A new investor who stumbles on Seeking Alpha will end up better off buying Realty Income or AT&T stock than she will loading up on a penny stock that promises to turn psychedelics into a Coronavirus treatment.

I’m O So Bullish

I’m beyond bullish Realty Income’s stock.

Several Seeking Alpha authors have made sound cases in response to recent bearishness.

Brad Thomas

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