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Town of Gilbert water tower. (Photo: The Republic)

Gilbert will begin spending some of its nearly $30 million in coronavirus relief funding, three months after the town received the money. 

The Town Council will spend $18 million for business grants, loans and other support and $2 million for nonprofits. A majority of the remaining funds may go to a public safety project.

Gov. Doug Ducey in late May announced that Arizona cities, towns and counties would get $441 million of the state’s $1.86 billion of federal coronavirus relief money. 

Gilbert didn’t actually receive its $29.2 million “AZCares Fund” allocation until early July, according to town spokesperson Jennifer Harrison. The council formed a Cares subcommittee in August to discuss spending options.

An Arizona Republic analysis from mid-September found that while cities pleaded with the state for their share of the money, once they got it, many have been slow to

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Joe Biden’s economic plan would impose higher taxes on top earners and corporations to pay for investments in education, infrastructure and other domestic programs, according to a new analysis.

The plan would increase taxes by $3.375 trillion, not enough to pay for a planned $5.35 trillion spending spree, according to the Penn Wharton Budget Model. Much of the burden would be borne by those in the very top income brackets, while households that make $400,000 a year or less would not see a direct tax increase, the analysis finds. .

Overall, Biden’s proposed economic policies would increase the national debt slightly in the short term while decreasing it in the long term.

The Trump campaign has run ads and crafted messaging warning middle class households that Biden’s plans would result in a significant increase in their taxes. But the analysis shows that the effects of Biden’s plans on the majority

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