Business Coach and developer of Chironomics, a coaching program that provides business support, strategies, and systems for Chiropractors.  

The saying, “No man is an island,” holds true in business. After all, it is impossible to do everything by yourself. The sooner you recognize this, I believe the closer you get to achieving any goal you set for your company.

That said, while two heads are always better than one, having the right two minds is imperative. Building a dynamic team, both externally and internally, is the cornerstone of any successful business. For your company to experience significant revenue, you need help. These five tips keep me on pace in my business as I continue to build my team:

1. Create a hiring plan.

You must have an effective plan of action when building your team. Onboarding new members can be a challenging process, and hiring the wrong people

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Given all the construction it shouldn’t be a surprise, but Dallas-Fort Worth is the top market in the country for both warehouse construction and leasing.

With the pandemic fueling consumer demand for products and services, industrial development has boomed this year in North Texas while many other real estate sectors have floundered.

So far this year, net warehouse space leasing in D-FW has surpassed 21 million square feet, according to new reports from commercial property firm Cushman & Wakefield.

That’s well ahead of the other leading U.S. industrial markets in Pennsylvania and Southern California.

North Texas has also delivered more new industrial space than any other U.S. metro area – almost 23 million square feet through the first nine months of 2020.

“These positive numbers are another sign of industrial resiliency and shows that there is still demand for space in the industrial market, even in uncertain times,” Tray Anderson,

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Thomas Njeru Co-Ceo Pula during an interview

For years in Africa, agriculture has been key income source to many families. Despite its potential to uplift livelihood, the sector has been riddled with failures linked to erratic weather which in many occasions has led to loses to individual farmers.

Growing up in one of the rich agricultural parts of Kenya, Thomas Njeru, co-CEO of Pula attributes his success to farming ventures his parents were involved in to put food on the table and provide money for his education.

He is not lost to the many challenges smallholder farmers like his parents relying on climate pass through in going about their business.

In an interview with Standard Digital, he shares a crop insurance dream targeting to cushion farmers from loses related to crop failure.


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Covid-19 turned the world upside-down in March and businesses of all sizes were presented with never-before-seen-challenges. The way we work, sell, service and market to customers has forever changed.

Brian Solis standing in front of a store


Six months later, how are growing small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs) handling the new economy? Join us for a free webinar, Motivating Trends: Building Small-Business Resiliency in a Pandemic, to find out. During this live conversation, we’ll uncover data-backed insights and strategies from new research gleaned from more than 2,000 SMB leaders from around the world.

Journalist and CultureBanx CEO Kori Hale will interview renowned keynote speaker, futurist, award-winning author, and Global Innovation Evangelist for Salesforce, Brian Solis. For nearly three decades, Solis has helped executives of leading brands and startups understand what’s happening and why, visualize future trends, and deliver the future they want to see.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • The top trends impacting SMBs
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China is investing tens of billions of dollars in new mega refineries even as its fuel demand is expected to peak within five years, raising the risk it will flood the region with cheap exports.

At least four projects with about 1.4 million barrels a day of crude processing capacity, more than all refineries in the UK combined, are under construction. That’s after the country already added one million barrels since the start of 2019. All that capacity will add more petroleum products and plastics just as China National Petroleum Corp sees fuel demand peaking in 2025 as electric vehicles sap consumption.

The mismatched building boom underscores how rapidly clean energy and electric vehicles are changing the industrial landscape in China, especially after Xi Jinping’s pledge last month to go carbon neutral by 2060. It also positions the country to be an even bigger exporter of fuel, endangering refinery operations

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As Thompson related, Kohler’s story is a perfect example of an entrepreneur beginning with just an idea, some talent and a lot of hustle. With Startup Tucson’s resources and connections, Arizona Baking Company became a thriving business in only a matter of months.

“Startup Tucson has become the concierge for all things related to launching a business,” said Fletcher McCusker, board chair of Startup Tucson. “From networking to connectivity, finding physical space, education, pitch competitions, showcase events or coffee and drinks, the go-to organization is Startup Tucson.”

Indeed, concierge is the appropriate term for what Startup Tucson does for entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter if you are a first time founder, an existing small business, or a scaling business — Startup Tucson has resources available.

Thompson describes what Startup Tucson does as an ecosystem. Boston Consulting Group defines a business ecosystem as a dynamic group of largely independent economic players, creating

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NEW YORK, Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Eric Porat, a New York-based online entrepreneur and the founder of One Acquire Media takes time to discuss the value of determination and drive when it comes to building a successful online business. Since the early 2000’s Porat has shown a knack for building and scaling online businesses, as a website investor and the co-founder of three companies.

In a recent article featured on, Porat talked about his journey over two decades, to evolve as a leader in the online business and adtech startup space. Now he tries to inspire and help other online entrepreneurs in their journey towards success. He also warns against get rich fast schemes.

“This is the truth that none of the “gurus” trying to sell their courses will tell you. The reality is that the internet has gotten hyper-competitive over the last two

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The current economic turmoil may be a short-term business issue for the life insurance segment, but is extremely positive in terms of creating awareness and opportunity, believes Satyan Jambunathan, CFO, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company. In an interview with BusinessLine, he said the private sector insurer continues to focus on doubling the value of new business over a four-year period and that the organic opportunity for insurance is still huge in India. Excerpts:

How is the life insurance industry doing amid the slowdown? What are the expectations for recovery?

April was the toughest month for the industry, but every passing month has seen an improvement. We are getting far closer to what we were in the same period last year. Also, whenever there are periods where life or health is at risk, awareness of consumers towards insurance as a category goes up dramatically. It was always the situation where

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2020 / Nicola Palacios is a Latin American professional businessman and entrepreneur who teaches people how to become leaders and achieve financial freedom. He is the pioneer of a different kind of business model.

“I’m a network marketing professional focused on teaching people how to be leaders and developing huge networks that produce mass sales.” Nicola shares.

Not being able to lean on his parents for financial support at an early age, this motivated Nicola to seek financial freedom for himself, which for him means having a continuous and secured income that can sustain his basic needs and lifestyle without his active effort.

“I was an extremely introverted and shy person, so I had to transform myself and grow from this identity to be successful.” Nicola says.

Part of his transformation included dedicating his time to reading and learning as much as

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