Illustration for article titled Michael Jordan is starting a NASCAR team for one reason: Bubba Wallace

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“Republicans buy sneakers too” is always going to be part of Michael Jordan’s legacy, and there’s no getting away from that, because Harvey Gantt’s not walking through the Senate door.

Jordan still isn’t vocal in the social conversation, but Citizens United established that money is speech, and this summer, Jordan started spreading it around in the fight against voter suppression.

As an NBA owner, Jordan getting together with future NASCAR Hall of Famer Denny Hamlin to start a race team is a perfectly normal business move. The picture Hamlin shared Monday alongside his partnership announcement sums it up: The man with 43 career Cup Series wins and a shot at this year’s NASCAR title is there, in his firesuit, the racing brains of the operation. Jordan is chilling in a comfy chair, looking all ready to puff a victory cigar, once he has

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