The web browser has become a key component in the corporate security landscape as many core business applications are now web-based. But browsers are troublesome to secure, and browser and web application use is difficult to monitor in a meaningful way. While individual web applications may offer some level of auditing, getting a holistic view of auditing for critical business apps is a pipe dream for most.

silo 01 browser Tim Ferrill

The Silo browser

Silo for Safe Access from Authentic8 is a secure browser alternative that is intended to eliminate many of the risks inherent in accessing web-based business applications, while also bringing additional capabilities that IT security shops may not have available. Many of the security benefits Silo offers are rooted in the architecture: It’s a sandboxed browser running in a temporary session hosted in the cloud. Because it is isolated in this way, both the network and code are highly

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Mozilla, the company behind the well-known Firefox internet browser, announced on Tuesday that it would be laying 250 employees, roughly a quarter of its workforce, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s remaining employees will also be refocused on projects expected to generate the most money.

“Economic conditions resulting from the global pandemic have significantly impacted our revenue. As a result, our pre-COVID plan was no longer workable,” CEO Mitchell Baker said in a blog post about the layoffs. “Though we’ve been talking openly with our employees about the need for change — including the likelihood of layoffs — since the spring, it was no easier today when these changes became real. I desperately wish there was some other way to set Mozilla up for long term success in building a better internet.”

As part of its initial plan to generate more revenue, Mozilla will shift focus to

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