Although I’m happy that most of New Jersey has reopened since Gov. Phil Murphy lifted the stay-at-home parts of his COVID-19 executive orders, I’m disappointed that some public libraries in our state, including my local one, remain closed to visitors.

As of right now, some libraries are providing only contactless pickup services. Patrons call the library or order online the materials they want to borrow. The library staff then leaves their order outside on a table to be picked up.

I’ve been an avid patron of my local libraries for over 40 years, and this will not do with me. I enjoy going into the library, browsing through the bookshelves and selecting for myself what I want to check out. And, many who were left unemployed by pandemic-related business closures could use the library’s computers to apply for jobs, if they don’t have their own.

Recently, I was in the

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