Bill Murray’s lawyer has responded to a letter from the Doobie Brothers threatening to sue over Murray’s use of one of their songs in an ad for his line of golf shirts — but instead of offering money to settle, the attorneys offered, yes, golf shirts.

“Your negative comments about their fashionableness are especially disconcerting to all of us–especially considering 75% of my wardrobe consists of William Murray polos, shorts and pants,” the letter from attorney Alexander Yoffe said. “Color me biased, but the consensus on this side of the table is that Bill and the brothers have some of the most clever and creative lifestyle wear available.”

The letter continued: “Please provide us with the shirt size for yourself, Tom Johnston, Patrick Simmons, Michael McDonald, and John McFee, along with which of our client’s shirts you find the least offensive, and we will happily upgrade your wardrobes and hopefully

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