CLEVELAND, Ohio — One of the most contentious political debates in Northeast Ohio this year is not about the presidential election, control of the Senate or even the Ohio Statehouse corruption scandal.

It’s about zoning in Pepper Pike.

Hundreds of yard signs bearing the phrase “No to Mixed-Use” are scattered throughout the small, well-to-do far-eastern suburb. They line the sidewalk-less residential streets as part of an effort that opposition organizer Manny Naft said aims to keep the city’s “bucolic” nature.

The signs refer to a measure on the Nov. 3 ballot to change the zoning for a 68-acre tract of land owned by behavioral health services nonprofit Beech Brook, along with two smaller adjoining lots. The issue has divided the community.

The division resulted in online bickering, contentious town hall meetings, threats of defamation lawsuits and even unused condoms left at Axiom Development Principal Bryan Stone’s home.

Stone, who lives

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BROOK PARK, Ohio — Budget money originally slated for creating and improving green space at the Brook Park municipal campus will be transferred to the city’s ditch cleaning program to help with residential flooding.

While the $33,000 Mayor Mike Gammella planned to use for Central Park trees and landscaping isn’t a large amount, Ward 3 Councilman Ed Orcutt believes it can help. His ward was hit particularly hard in May when heavy rainfall caused basement flooding in hundreds of homes. Orcutt described shopping carts and discarded tires clogging ditches and restricting the water flow.

“All the wards are having flooding issues,” Orcutt told council members at their Aug. 25 caucus. “To people who are taking in water during every single big storm, that $33,000 certainly seems to be a lot of money to them.”

Resident Joy Saghy of Pickway Drive knows firsthand about basement flooding. She bought her home in

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