Written by Nick Ackerman, co-produced by Stanford Chemist

Now that the majority of online brokers feature $0 commissions, it is important to focus on what features and services brokerages can offer to investors. One important discussion that has cropped up is participation in fund-sponsored DRIPs. These can allow investors discounted shares for participating in reinvestment plans. This happens when shares are trading at premium levels for a CEF. I would say the majority of CEF sponsors do have some sort of discounted DRIP available.

The only problem with this – some brokers don’t offer participation in these programs – some don’t even offer reinvestment at all. Additionally, the process for getting reinvestment going is different for different companies.

It is important to consider the importance of reinvesting. Even if it is just “manually” reinvesting. That would be taking the distributions as cash and investing where one sees fit. We have

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The newly added Economic Calendar allows traders to keep up-to-date on all economic data releases from within the platform.

Devexperts, a leading global software provider for the capital markets industry, has integrated the DXtrade SaaS trading platform with the Economic Calendar by FXStreet, a leading information and resources provider for forex traders.

DXtrade is an off-the-shelf trading platform for established and amateur FX/CFD brokers worldwide. In DXtrade, the Economic Calendar is provided by FXStreet to allow traders to track events of their choice. The Calendar provides indicators that help traders anticipate which economic data releases will impact market volatility most, while also displaying additional useful information for each data release.

The FXStreet Economic Calendar powers traders who rely on fundamental analysis alone, as well as those who combine it with technical analysis in their decisions when entering the market. Due to the advanced capabilities of the DXtrade platform, the Calendar

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SEBI will meet brokers on Tuesday to hear from them on difficulties in implementing the new margin and share pledging norms that will be effective from September.

Brokers want SEBI to postpone the new regime on pledging and re-pledging of shares as they are of the view that the share depository system is not updated yet, sources told Business Line.

Earlier, there was no requirement of upfront margin to be paid for buying and selling of stocks in the cash segment. That will change from September and at least 30 per cent upfront margin is required even in the cash segment. Also, SEBI has ordered discontinuation of the system where brokers used power of attorney (PoA) for pledging and re-pledging of shares.

Brokers used shares as margin and as PoA was issued to them by clients, they transferred their shares from one account to another. This use of PoA

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