Upgrade Boutique Founder Britney Winters Shares Fundamental Tips For Starting A Beauty Business

Britney Winters acquired over $350K in venture capital to grow her Black woman–owned beauty empire, Upgrade Boutique, an e-commerce platform that offers wigs and hair extensions.

Because she’s been a recipient of so much generosity throughout her lifetime, the Harvard Business School alumna says she feels an immense responsibility to pay it forward. 

So in honor of National Black Business Month, the CEO and founder shared a few insider tips on establishing a business, and if you’re a beauty entrepreneur, you’re going to want to take notes. 

Here, you can check out her sage advice for pitching your business ideas, finding the right investors, networking and trusting your gut. 

On Creating a Pitch Deck

“Some people can get funding simply based on having a great idea. I know a lot of White male classmates who had an idea, and somebody gave them $5 million to go figure out if it’s

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