A Grand Jury in Washington has indicted six people with conspiring to pay over $100,000 in bribes to Amazon employees and contractors to boost third-party sellers on the Amazon Marketplace.

The six people charged in the bribery case include Nishad Kunju, 31, from Hyderabad, Rohit Kadimisetty, 27, from California, Ephraim Rosenburg, 45, Joseph Nilsen, 31, and Kristen Leccese, 32 from New York and Hadis Nuhanoviv, 30, from Georgia.

Conspiring to boost third-party sellers

They have been charged “with conspiracy to use a communication facility to commit commercial bribery, conspiracy to access a protected computer without authorization, conspiracy to commit wire fraud,” the Justice Department said in an official release.

They have been accused of bribery and fraud, providing over $100 million of competitive benefits to third party sellers since at least 2017, the Justice Department said.

“More specifically, the Indictment alleges that the defendants served as consultants to so-called third-party

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