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    By Ana Mano
    SÃO PAULO, Sept 8 (Reuters) - JBS SA, the world's largest
meatpacker, has vowed to keep the world fed during the
coronavirus pandemic. Executives say the company has added more
than 15,000 new workers in Brazil this year to crank out cuts of
chicken, pork and beef, a lot of it for export. The meat giant's
$629 million second-quarter net profit was almost twice what
analysts expected. [nL1N2FF2I9]
    But that windfall has come at a cost: More than 4,000 JBS
employees in Brazil are known to have tested positive for
coronavirus and at least six have died from COVID-19, according
to records from local health authorities and information
gathered by prosecutors and three employee unions investigating
the company. Outbreaks have struck at least 23 plants in seven
states, prosecutors, health officials and union representatives
told Reuters, helping to fuel 
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In a shocking incident, an employee of the Carrefour supermarket in Brazil dropped dead at work, however, instead of doing the needful, the staff decided to cover his dead body with boxes and umbrellas in order to keep the store running. Also Read – Bizarre! Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro Calls Amazon Fires a ‘Lie’ Despite Videos Showing the Rainforest Burning

The incident occurred at a store in the northeastern state of Recife on August 14 but only came to light this week, after pictures of the insensitive treatment went viral on social media, sparking outrage.

“A worker died in a Carrefour supermarket in Recife, which covered up his body to remain open. Welcome to Brazil in the year 2020,” one Twitter user wrote.

Here is how others voiced their anger:

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