• Brad Parscale could be stripped of his guns for up to a year.
  • Police filed a Risk Protection Order in a move to keep Parscale’s guns away from him for at least two weeks. 
  • Parscale, who served as manager of the Trump 2020 reelection campaign until being demoted in July, was involuntary hospitalized on Sunday after his wife called 911 and said he’d pulled out a gun and threatened to harm himself, according to police. 
  • Police said they arrived on the scene and found his wife, Candice, with bruises on her arms and face.
  • Candice told police her husband has post-traumatic stress disorder and she got the bruises days earlier during a prior altercation, according to the police report. 
  • The Risk Protection Order said Parscale’s “drinking and violent behavior increased shortly after he was demoted at his employment.”
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Ft. Lauderdale police are moving

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Brad Daugherty and Michael Jordan. | Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Michael Jordan is coming to NASCAR. Jordan has teamed up with Jordan Brand’s first NASCAR athlete, Denny Hamlin, to start a single car NASCAR Cup Series team. The driver of the car will be Bubba Wallace. The motoviation behind Jordan joining NASCAR? Probably to resume destroying Brad Daugherty’s life.

Daugherty played eight seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers, making four All-Star teams. During his playing days, he wore number 43 because of Richard Petty. The Cavaliers made the playoffs five times during Daughtery’s career. In four of those seasons, the Cavaliers were eliminated by Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

Daugherty retired

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