The world of The Boys is getting larger thanks to the announcement that a spin-off focusing on young Supes-in-training is coming to Amazon Prime Video. But we can’t imagine the series will stop there – with several spin-offs probably filling fans’ dreams as we speak. Maybe a peek at Vought’s PR? Or a window into what goes on with the making of Dawn of the Seven? How about a Black Noir spin-off?

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Yeah, how about a Black Noir spin-off? It’s an idea so tantalising and rich and shrouded in mystery, that we even put the premise to Nathan Mitchell, the actor who portrays the enigmatic member of the Seven. He has some serious ideas and even a title.

“I would call it ‘The Secret Life of Black Noir,’” Mitchell says. 

“A funny thing or a cool thing to play with Noir is to have him

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  • Parler, an app popular with Trump supporters and the extremist Proud Boys group, said its activity tripled during the debate where Trump mentioned the group.
  • Parler markets itself heavily on its lack of content moderation, and is used by many who, like the Proud Boys, are banned from other sites.
  • A spokeswoman told Business Insider its activity tripled during and after the debate, and it had 266,000 active users in that period.
  • Trump refused to condemn white supremacy during his first debate with Joe Biden, saying instead: “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.”
  • The Proud Boys celebrated Trump’s comment by creating merchandise and using it as a recruitment drive.
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Parler, a social media platform popular with Trump supporters and used by the Proud Boys, said its activity rose to three times its normal levels during the debate in which Trump mentioned the

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  • As wildfires devastate the Pacific Northwest, authorities are begging residents to stem the flow of rumors about politically-motivated arson.
  • Fake and misleading posts on Twitter and Facebook have forced at least four law-enforcement departments in Oregon to issue clarifying statements. 
  • Various posts have for days strongly suggested — as well claimed outright — that members of antifa or the Proud Boys are deliberately setting the fires.
  • Despite the police warnings, several posts have not been taken down from Twitter. Business Insider has contacted the company for comment.
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Groundless claims linking both left- and right-wing activists to the raging wildfires in Oregon are continuing to circulate on Twitter, and police forces are scrambling to stop the rumors.

Among the posts that swirled around Twitter and Facebook include a mocked-up police post and tweets by Republican activists, many claiming without evidence are being deliberately caused

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