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  • Business Insider looked at the job losses and gains from February to September among industries.
  • Industries with the biggest drops in employment from February to September tended to pay lower wages, while high-wage industries were close to their pre-pandemic employment levels. 
  • This change in employment is similar to changes between February and July and February and August, showing that recovery has been slow for many industries.
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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released its September employment figures on Friday. Although 661,000 jobs were added last month, many industries are still below their pre-pandemic employment levels.


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The recovery since major drops in the spring has not been equal across sectors. The economic recovery in the US instead seems to look more like a K, where more affluent Americans are recovering faster than others. The

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According to the data from Indeed, a global job site, jobs in hospitality and tourism are bouncing back in India. Job postings in the sectors were down only 58 per cent in September, against the 69 per cent drop in May this year, comparison with 2019 levels.

One of the sectors worst-hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, the tourism industry saw job postings decrease by 49 per cent between March and August 2020, as compared to 2019.

Overall, job postings in August 2020 were down by 56 per cent, as compared to 2019. Job searches for these roles down by 44 per cent, as compared to 2019.

Job searches for tourism-related roles have been on the rise since May 2020, coinciding with the easing of lockdown measures across the country.

Searches by job seekers saw a 30 per cent increase between May and August 2020, even as job postings during the

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A majority of small and medium businesses in India are confident about a post-pandemic recovery, according to the HP Asia SMB Report 2020 report.

More than 73 per cent of SMBs in India are confident that their businesses will bounce back over post-Covid-19, the report said.

“This number is significantly higher than the regional average, which stood at 60 per cent,” it said.

The report is based on the responses from 1,600 SMBs in India surveyed between May and June.

As businesses recover, SMBs are recalibrating their strategy with a focus on going digital. According to the report, 64 per cent of the respondents believed that this time period poses a good opportunity for them to reformulate their business strategy, while 75 per cent believed digital adoption to be the key to success.

The study also outlined the challenges faced by these businesses which can prove to be a hurdle

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