NEW YORK, Aug. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — BioLift™, a patented botanical beverage with a refreshing fruity taste, hits US shelves. The drink is formulated to sync with the body clock to overcome the afternoon slump known as Post Lunch Dip (PLD), which costs the US economy $134.6 billion per year due to lower productivity from employees at work. These hours are also the most dangerous hours of the day for work and road accidents.

For many people, pushing through this daily slump is challenging. A bottle of BioLift helps our body’s circadian rhythm overcome the tiring midday slump known as ”Post Lunch Dip” (PLD) as it is light, refreshing, and doesn’t leave you feeling edgy or agitated. 

“BioLift was shown through 3 clinical trials to increase productivity, reduce brain fog, and maintain clarity for higher performance. But, unlike its caffeinated competitors, BioLift does not increase pulse or blood

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