• Netacea is a cybersecurity firm that helps firms protect themselves against vicious automated programs called “bots” that could steal user data in cyberattacks.
  • In July, a Netacea survey suggested three-quarters of UK businesses have been attacked by bots.
  • The 200 businesses surveyed said bots took up 15% of resources on their websites, apps, and interfaces between apps, and just 1% were aware of marketplaces that sell stolen accounts. In 2018, cybercrime generated $1.5 trillion globally, according to the multinational IT security provider Check Point.
  • In an interview with Business Insider, Netacea’s chief technology officer Andy Still shared four practical actions every business should take to protect themselves and their consumers from bot attacks.
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2019 was the year of the cyberattack. More than half a billion Facebook users’ data were found exposed on unprotected Amazon cloud servers in April, and a month later,

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