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By Doug Steinhardt

They say, ‘Before borrowing money from a friend decide which you need most,’ the money or the friend. Well, governor chose. In the middle of a pandemic, where every New Jersey household and small business has sacrificed, made tough choices, and scaled back spending, Gov. Phil Murphy’s appetite to spend your money grew. New Jersey’s tax problems will continue as long as Democrats control Trenton, but we can change that. The road to a safer, more affordable New Jersey isn’t paved with liberal handouts and borrowed money. It’s paved with smart choices.

It’s time for New Jersey’s leaders to wake up and realize that the world has changed post-COVID and the way government operates must change with it. We need modern policies that reduce taxes, relax regulations, reward hard work and respect the U.S. Constitution.

For example, New Jersey annually ranks among the least tax-friendly states in

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Nathan Bachrach and Amy Wagner
Published 12:29 p.m. ET Sept. 9, 2020 | Updated 12:30 p.m. ET Sept. 9, 2020


Allworth Financial Advisors discuss tips to prepare for retirement planning.

Cincinnati Enquirer

Question: CB. from Boone County: I took money out of my 401(k) a few months ago to help pay some bills (my wife and I were both furloughed due to coronavirus). We’re both back to work now and I want to put that money back into my 401(k). Is there any particular way I need to go about doing this?

A:  We’re glad to hear that you and your wife are back on your feet. And we’re also glad to hear that you’re determined to replace the money you withdrew – because that money, ultimately, should be used for retirement.

The CARES Act, passed back in March, made it easier for those financially impacted by the pandemic

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