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Notre Dame professor Michael Morris speaks at the first session of the BizStarts Institute Community Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs at the St. Ann Center Bucyrus Campus on Saturday. The program hopes to help low-income entrepreneurs move their businesses forward. (Photo: submitted photo)

Building a business from the ground up is a challenge for anyone, but especially for people in poverty. A new program is helping low-income entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality — and improve Milwaukee neighborhoods at the same time. 

On Saturday, 25 people went to the first BizStarts Institute Community Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs at the St. Ann Center’s Bucyrus Campus, 2450 W. North Ave. Another 109 watched online. 

For the next five weeks, they’ll spend several hours each Saturday learning about tools and concepts, and talking with local entrepreneurs in different subject areas about how they were able to get over different obstacles.  

The program will help businesses 

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