In August, a dozen high-profile Hollywood agents staged an exodus. In the cutthroat ecosystem of entertainment agencies, it is not uncommon for agents to poach clients or leave to start other firms. But the resignations came suddenly, en masse, and among agents at the height of their power—representing Bradley Cooper, Margot Robbie, Tiffany Haddish, and Zac Efron between them—at a moment of unrelenting furloughs and layoffs. It sounded a warning shot unheard since 1995, when Ari Emanuel and three colleagues raided their own offices at ICM in the middle of the night to launch its competitor, Endeavor.

“This is new,” said entertainment lawyer Lindsey Conner. “It’s the first time a bunch of agents have left a bunch of different agencies all at the same time. I think that’s because the agencies are under a lot of pressure right now.”

The reason for the mass defection soon became clear. In

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In a major boost to the tiles and ceramics industry in Gujarat, the State government on Tuesday reduced gas prices by ₹2.5 per standard cubic meter (SCM).

State-run city gas distribution (CGD) firm Gujarat Gas Ltd (GGL) supplies piped natural gas to ceramic clusters in Morbi, Surendranagar and Sabarkantha districts.

The relief is likely to help domestic ceramics players compete with China, the world’s largest producer of ceramics, in the the international markets.

While the move is set to improve the profitability for the ceramics players, it has also brightened the prospects for a larger share in the export market.

“Currently, China dominates in the world ceramics market covering about 55-60 per cent of the global market. But now many countries are avoiding purchases from China such as US, Europe or Middle East and they are turning to India. That is a game changer for our industry,” said Prafulla Gattani,

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  • Northrop Grumman, a rocket manufacturer, test-fired a key component of NASA’s planned Space Launch System on Wednesday.
  • During the test, the company ignited a booster prototype for 126 seconds — the duration it’s supposed to work in flight.
  • Two of those boosters will be attached to SLS, providing about 75% of the force required to propel the rocket system during its first two minutes of flight.
  • NASA hopes the full launch system will fly for the first time in 2021 and take astronauts back to the moon in 2024.
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With a spark, a burst of flames, and a thunderous roar on Wednesday, NASA completed a pivotal test of a rocket booster expected to power a return to the moon.

The 176-foot boosters being tested — which NASA calls “the largest, most powerful boosters ever built for flight” — are part of the agency’s

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