(Credit: Mogul Millennial)

Retail is where community meets.

Milestone meals.
People-watching perches.
Vintage finds with friends who never go out of style.

Retail is at the heart of thriving communities.

So, why do we keep relying on national brands to come save our communities?

This is the question that Bobby Boone, founder and chief strategist of &Access, asked himself when he decided to open shop. &Access values smaller retailers and their owners by providing equitable solutions for underserved entrepreneurs looking for retail real estate.

“They contribute just as much (if not more) to our economic health,” says Bobby.

Recently, the Mogul Millennial team caught up with him to learn more about what he means by ‘retail that reaches people.’

Photo provided by Bobby Boone

Growing up in Atlanta and seeing Black-owned businesses most of his life, then attending Florida A&M University, Bobby always imagined a world where his fascination

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It appears that K.J. Wright’s job is safe for now. He held off 2020 first-round pick Jordyn Brooks in a training camp position battle to start at WILL linebacker.

But Brooks’ time will come. Maybe his role will be sparing as a rookie, but the Texas Tech product was drafted by the Seahawks to be the team’s WILL linebacker of the future. And as far as Bobby Wagner is concerned, Brooks’ NFL career is off to a fantastic start.

“I think from the moment he walked in, I think he’s grown every day,” Wagner said on Wednesday. “I’ve been really impressed. He’s been flying around, especially in some of the mock games that we had. He was flying around and making plays. I feel like whenever his number his called that he’ll be ready.”

There’s potential for the dynamic in the linebacker room to be a bit awkward. Wright has

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