When Stacy Rist received a letter last October about Granbury’s plans to place a wastewater treatment plant near her RV business, the specifics went right over her head.

Bennett’s Camping Center and RV Ranch, which is a barbed-wire fence away from the planned sewage plant at 3121 Old Granbury Road, has been in Rist’s family since 1972. She couldn’t imagine that the city announcement would affect her family’s plans to expand the property to meet tourist demand.

Now, ahead of a Sept. 10 virtual public meeting about the city’s permit request led by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Rist compares the prospect of the plant moving in next door to watching her business be held hostage.

“It can be just one review that says, ‘You’re camping next to a sewer plant’ and it is going to destroy our RV park,” Rist said. “I feel like I’ve been taken

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A business owner in Fort Myers, Fla., was charged with fraudulently acquiring $2 million in COVID-19 relief funds through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and using nearly $700,000 of it to buy a 40-foot boat.

According to the complaint, Casey David Crowther, 35, made false and misleading statements to a lending institution in April on behalf of his company, Target Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc., in order to obtain the loan. 

Crowther allegedly used approximately $689,417 of the funds to purchase a 2020 40-foot catamaran boat and registered it under his name. 

Prosecutors say that $126,000 was transferred to another of Crowther’s business checking accounts, $100,000 was wired to a bank account of a former company stakeholder who resigned Dec. 31, 2019, and $3,300 was transferred to a joint checking account Crowther holds with his wife.

The remaining $1,179,963 was transferred to another business account in May, and Crowther

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Gov. Phil Murphy’s revised budget introduces several new efforts to address the strain from COVID-19 on New Jersey’s economy. But one of these proposals — to repeal the sales tax cap on boats — falls short of this goal and would hurt our economy even more.

The overwhelmingly bipartisan boat sales tax cap was enacted in 2015 in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, to bolster the economy and an industry that currently contributes $6.6 billion in annual economic impact. Marine trades support almost 29,000 jobs and over 1,190 businesses in the state.

The cap law taxes boats at half the regular sales tax rate, and caps the amount of tax on any qualifying vessel at $20,000, regardless of the craft’s sales price. The law increased the number of registered boats here, since many were being registered in neighboring states. It reversed a decline in New Jersey registrations by 90%. Restoring

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  • US prosecutors say Brian Kolfage, a wounded combat veteran who was indicted for fraud alongside former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, allegedly used funds crowdsourced online for a border wall to pay for a luxury boat.
  • The indictment that came down Thursday says Kolfage received $350,000 in donor funds, which he then used “to pay for his own personal expenses,” including “payments toward a boat.”
  • The indictment says that the US government is seizing a boat named “Warfighter” among other assets. The 40-foot-long boat and its four outboard motors have been featured prominently on social media.
  • That same luxury boat appears in a video posted on Kolfage’s Instagram page and looks to have taken part in a Trump Fourth of July boat parade in Florida.
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Brian Kolfage, a wounded Air Force veteran who was indicted for fraud alongside former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, allegedly

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Captain Jake Hiles has been operating Matador Fishing Charters out of Virginia Beach for the last 20 years. He spends countless hours on the water, talking with his customers and helping them catch fish. 

However, over the years those conversations have forced him to make a decision about who he lets on his boat. 

“I’ve watched repeatedly as the Democratic Party has tried to regulate my industry out of business and based on some interactions I’ve had with customers this year I decided I didn’t want to have Democrats on my boat anymore,” said Hiles.

Hiles describes himself as a conservative who supports police, the military, believes in God and loves America. He says he gets people on his boat who are Democrats and in a lot of cases they treat him differently because of his views. 

“I have to interact with these people; it’s

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