NEW DELHI, Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —

“Global Bispecific Antibody Market Opportunity, Drug Sales & Clinical Trials Insight 2026” Report Highlights:

  • Global Bispecific Antibody Market Opportunity:  > US$ 10 Billion
  • Global Bispecific Antibody Market Growth:  118% CAGR (2015 -2019)
  • Global Bispecific Antibody Market Growth In 2019:  280% (> US$ 1.5 Billion)
  • Global Bispecific Antibody Pipeline:  333 Drug
  • Commercially Available Bispecific Antibodies: 2 (Blincyto & Hemlibra)
  • Hemlibra Sales & Market Share 2019: > US$ 1.4 Billion & > 80%

Download Report:–trends-clinical-trials-emicizumab-hemlibra-blincyto–blinatumomab-sales

Despite having several hundred clinical success stories of different immunotherapies against solid and advanced cancers, the overall response rate of the patients has reached approximately 50% even when the patients fit completely under all the criteria of treatment. To pave with the clinical failures, researchers have developed and evaluated bispecific therapeutic antibodies, that are combination of two binding specificities leading to improve selectivity as well as efficacy

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