• NASA recently unveiled the plan for its Artemis program, a series of missions that would return astronauts to the moon. 
  • A new study reveals how much radiation astronauts are exposed to on the lunar surface: a daily dose about 200 times greater than on Earth.
  • NASA wants to build a base on the moon, but the new data suggests it’d be safest to bury such a base under 2.5 feet of moon dirt to protect astronauts from radiation. 
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NASA wants to build a permanent base on the moon by the 2030s — a place astronauts could stay for extended visits at the lunar south pole.

But according to a new study, any astronauts who go there would face levels of radiation nearly three times higher than what the astronauts on the space station deal with. In high enough doses, long-term exposure to this

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By nature, founders are big-picture people; we love envisioning new ways of doing things. The problem, though, is that sometimes we try to paint the bigger picture before we set up the mechanics of actually running a company. The legal side of setting up a business is often seen as a time-consuming chore, brushed under the carpet until it’s a screaming necessity. But to enable your business to run freely, this has to be prioritized before you even consider bringing on clients, hiring staff, or eventually pitching to investors.

The legal framework of a business is what ensures that your service or product is protected, that you’re not operating illegally, and that you don’t lose out if things

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