Small businesses worry final aid package will neglect them again

Small businesses worry final aid package will neglect them again

Assisted living facilities also had trouble tapping into $178 billion Congress appropriated for health care providers because they are predominantly “private pay” options that don’t receive Medicare payments like skilled nursing facilities.

By the time the provider relief program’s requirements were rewritten to be more flexible, funds had largely dried up. Elehwany estimates assisted living facilities got around $1 billion, compared with roughly $30 billion in industry losses. 

Limits for live events 

Congress sought to help the live events industry when it created the $16 billion Shuttered Venue Operators Grant program in December 2020. But eligibility was limited to live venue operators and promoters, theatrical producers, talent representatives, live performing arts organization operators, museums and motion picture theaters.

The Senate small-business bill would provide $2 billion for companies that support events at those types of venues by providing services such as stages, lighting, sound or casts. But to qualify, businesses must receive at least 70 percent of their revenue from SVOG program-eligible operators — a tough hurdle for many event support companies.

“So many of the businesses that provide services to gatherings and events will work in multiple vertical markets,” Thomas said. His company — Greenlight Creative, based in Portland, Ore. — works a variety of events like corporate fundraisers, festivals, weddings, birthday parties, memorial services and more with four full-time and six part-time employees.

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