Partners Bring In 25+ Percent of Zoom’s Online Business

Partners Bring In 25+ Percent of Zoom’s Online Business

Partners bring in as much as one-third of Zoom’s online business, Chief Revenue Ryan Azus revealed at UC Partner Summit. 

Zoom transacts a sizeable chunk of its business via partners, with Azus placing a high value on what they bring to the company.

Ryan Azus, Chief Revenue Officer at Zoom: “Partners are the core pillar of how we’re going to drive our growth. We already see tremendous success; we have 8,000 to 9,000 partners already. 

“Roughly 25 to 35 percent of our online business comes through partners, and we’re making major investments in how we continue to increase that.” 

Zoom recently launched a new partner programme, Zoom Up, which it says will “redefine the partner engagement journey through one integrated architecture”.

It includes three partner competencies – Volume, Phone and Customer Success – as well as various accreditations and tiers.

Azus told UC Partner Summit: “We have programmes appropriately tailored for the different programme types. Some are agents, some are true value-added resellers, and others are distributors. 

“Regardless of the verticals that you serve or the type of partner, maybe even a service provider, that you are, we do have a variety of programme types. But what really centres these is our Zoom Up programme. 

“And that’s where we kind of put everything together in a single and simple architecture which really drive rewards.”

Azus also highlighted several trends he’s seeing in the market, including flexible working and vendor consolidation.

He outlined features of Zoom’s partner programmes, such as helping partners get market-ready by attaining accreditations and other means, removing friction from the partnering process, and more. 

Azus said: “We have a partner demand centre which just launched at the end of last year. 

“That’s where we’re able to run deployable campaigns for Zoom channel partners in any language in just a few minutes. 

“Let’s think about things like maybe nurture email campaigns, social media campaigns, virtual events, video marketing, and co-branded assets. 

“It really allows you to generate leads from easy to execute, demand gen campaigns.” 



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