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To the Editor:

In the September 8th Republican primary for state Senate District 23, I’m voting for Allen Cook. I’ve known Allen personally for 25 years and hope he earns your vote.

As a two-term state representative from Brentwood, Allen Cook has proven himself to be an intelligent, practical and, fearless leader. And as a small business owner will work to help re-open N.H. quickly.

As a state senator, Allen will stand up for families and taxpayers and always say no to a sales or state income tax that would grow government.

As a pastor, Allen Cook has a hands-on approach encouraging and supporting youth development organizations, financial literacy workshops for young families and advocating for victims of abuse and trafficking, connecting them to hope and healing at a time when there were no such resources in the state.

Allen Cook has been out knocking on doors meeting voters across District 23 during this campaign. However, many in New Hampshire know Allen as he has served with us and knows first hand the needs of our communities.

I’m asking you to give Allen Cook your vote on September 8th because humility and principled leadership have always been the remedy for tyrants and dingleberries.


Kate Bossi


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