Letter to the editor: Williams favors people, not party | Letters to the Editor

Congress is broken. The far right and the far left have rendered Congress incapable of doing little more than naming post office buildings. There are more than 400 bills pending in the Senate that have not even had a vote. We can no longer tolerate this dysfunction.

Montana must elect a representative who will put the nation above party and duty above politics. I am supporting Kathleen Williams because she has a history and a record of reaching across party lines to get the job done. I’m tired of politics. In these challenging times, we need people like Williams who are committed to doing the people’s business, not that of the party bosses. Montana needs a Representative who will work for all Montana citizens, not just those on the left or the right. Compromise is not a dirty word or a betrayal of the party. Compromise is the critical element that we need to bring America together and to find ways to advance the common good.

Those who take a hard line, either on the right or the left, should be a red flag warning for all of us. They advocate for the current system of Party royalty to the detriment of the nation. Kathleen Williams is the only congressional candidate who has proven that she is prepared to put the people’s business above party and politics. I am voting for Kathleen Williams because we need a representative who is willing to reach across party lines to find solutions.

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