Letter from the publisher: Missoulian launches advertising stimulus program | Local News

As a leading provider of news, information and advertising solutions in western Montana, we are excited to announce the launch of our Local Business Stimulus program. This program offers matching marketing credits to our local businesses to help them navigate the changes brought on by the COVID-19 virus. It comes on the heels of our highly successful Local Marketing Grant program, in which we provided in matching advertising support to our local business partners expanding their investment with us.

Put simply, things have changed, and our local businesses have lived this change over the past few months. Their customers are looking to do business with them in new ways, asking for new services and looking for new ways to connect every day. That’s why we stand ready to build on our commitment to help our local businesses succeed with our Local Business Stimulus Program. With our large local audiences and world-class digital services such as text marketing, website design and managed email and search campaigns, we can put together the right combination to help our local businesses not only tackle change, but thrive in it.

Since our inception, the Missoulian has partnered with local businesses across our region to deliver their message to customers in both the best of times, and in times of change. While the COVID-19 virus has created difficulties for us all, the ability of our local business community to market to their customers remains essential to their, and all of our, sustainability and recovery. Our company’s greatest assets, by far, are the local communities we serve, and we’re firmly committed to supporting them through this stimulus program.

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