I spent over $3,000 in my first month of homeownership

  • In my first month of owning a home, I’ve spent $3,223.40 on all the things that turn a house into a home — ranging from rugs to furniture to ant traps. 
  • I bought some large furniture for myself, like a new mattress and bed frame, and was gifted other items by my grandparents, parents, and friends. 
  • But, for the most part, I was starting out with a blank slate, since I didn’t bring much with me in my cross-country move. 
  • I spent a lot more than I’d expected in my first month of owning a home, and wish I would have better accounted for the expense of making my house a home while saving. But I don’t regret any of my purchases. 
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In my first month of owning a home, I feel like I’ve spent an absurd amount of money. 

Of course, I’ve enjoyed it. But I’m generally more of a saver than a spender, and spending the way I have over the past few weeks is not something I ever do. It’s freaked me out a bit. My whole house is cheaper than my old room in Seattle was, but in some ways I feel like I’m making up the difference in spending on my house. 

In the beginning of the home-buying process, I started keeping tabs on every penny I spent for my new home to find out how much buying a home really costs. In my experience, the actual down payment I made on the house was only the beginning.

In my running list of purchases and expenses, I included things that I bought only because I’d moved. I excluded extra expenses, like re-stocking the kitchen staples and household items, and purchases for small things that I probably would have bought otherwise. I also excluded about $1,500 worth of moving costs — though that was definitely a major expense. 

It turns out that the money I spent added up quicker than I thought — I spent $3,223.40 in my first month of owning a home. Here’s how it all adds up. 

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