How to be a hero with the super power to make a lot of money

Identify which are the villains and kryptonites in your portfolio to become a financial superhero.

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Have you ever identified with a superhero ? Perhaps, with his strength, his intelligence, his speed, his speed, etc. Even as a child you probably dreamed of being a superhero, however, as the years go by, we lose that illusion and we realize that these things only exist in movies.

But have you ever thought that you have the possibility of being another kind of hero?

How about a hero who has the super power to make a lot of money?

Yes, something like a financial superhero .

I mean when you generate wealth from who you really are, from your financial superpowers, it is when your chances of success increase significantly and you feel that nothing can stop you.

When you are in control of your financial life, and that gives you a feeling of unmatched tranquility because you are prepared to face any adversity that the environment may bring.
You are protected, and that gives you the feeling of great personal power, even fulfillment.

And how can you work towards becoming a financial superhero?

First of all, you should work on identifying some of these points that I share with you below:

Your Unique Triggers: What is getting you down a financial path and what is getting you astray. I mean, maybe you find that you tend to make a lot of emotional expenses. Or, maybe you are very organized and keep a daily control of your finances. List what triggers good and bad habits.

Your Financial Super Powers: What Can You Do Better Than Anyone? What talents do you have? By identifying this, you will realize that you can find different ways to increase your income. How? If you are excellent in any language, if you cook delicious, if you know graphic design or social media management, etc., you can capitalize on your talent so that you generate sources of extra income.

Your villains and kryptonites: What behaviors or habits do you have that negatively impact your finances? It could be being deeply in debt, paying everything with a credit card, just having a source of income, making purchases that you don’t need. List what puts your personal finances at risk.

Your allies and amplifiers: What strategies can you carry out to create better habits? Maybe you can implement a monthly budget that allows you to control your expenses. Or, you can start paying your debts and eliminate your credit cards. Think of actions that you can take and that are your financial allies.

Your action strategies: Now that you know your strengths and weaknesses in terms of managing your personal finances. What can you do to improve your current situation? You need a plan of action, just like in superhero movies.

You must draw a financial map that will take you step by step towards your goal and stick to it.

If you don’t have a plan, you won’t reach the goal.

Remember that if you don’t take care of your personal finances, no one else will do it for you.

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